The Summer I learned to Fly by Dana Reinhardt

September 28, 2012
By tasha13021 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
tasha13021 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The Summer I learned to fly was one of the best books I have read. It felt like I could compare to the book as much as possible. I actually felt like I was in the book, and I was living the world of Birdie, and just going through the adventures that she had experienced, Like finding her friend Emmetts legend that will eventually turn his life around and make him a much better person with his family, but he is also is just so unpredictable and makes you just asks so many questions, This novel also shows just everyday teen to teen problems, that most of us can definitely just compare our life's. to, that will make you feel like you are in the life of the book itself.
Emmett was probably one of my favorite and I wanted to read more about in this novel. He was just so mysterious and so unpredictable, you just wanted to keep reading and reading what next was going to happen in his crazy hectic life, and the adventures he takes as a “lost boy” on the back of a milk carton that Birdie finds at a grocery store which leads to many questions to Birdies mind, Like why he never told her he was a runaway.. Emmett just gives off this adventurous life, and you just feel like you are running right beside him. The author Dana Reinhardt really showed me the reader that you can really achieve your goals. Emmett showed that because his life was pretty much going downhill, but he heard a legend that he thinks will make his life and his family life better. He takes his friend, Birdie on the trip to have someone to fall too. They go on the adventure and find the “Hot springs” which is known for making miracles happen. You will definitely have to sit down and read to know what goes next with his hectic life.
This book had a really neat way to read which really helped me a lot, was the writing was a little bigger. Having the writing a little bigger makes me stay more interested in the book. If the writing is small I kind of get uninterested. Not only does this book have a little bit of everything like Drama, Mystery, Humours, and day to day life activities it brings wonder to your head just reading it. Every single page has a mystery on it, and you really can’t tell what is going to happen next. It can go from very tragic to a happy moment just from one page flip. This book is narrated by Birdie Aka Drew. I could really understand the tone of her voice like she was right there next to you talking. You will feel like Drew all throughout the book. Throughout the whole book the setting change, so you really don’t get bored with just one setting because its always different. Sometimes I predicted what I thought was going to happen, but when the time actually came it just hit me in the face and things just change in an instant. The characters go from very heartbreaking times, but then they all get become happy because they have each other.
This novel was very worth the read, and it actually started making me want to read other books. Once you get sit down and read this book, you will be in the life of the characters when they face the most challenging of times, struggles, and also the miracles they receive. It will make you laugh, and it will make you cry, but in the end it brings a very warm sensation to your heart, because everything just falls right into place. The summer I learned to fly, will just touch your heart in ways things you thought could never. I have learned to appreciate the words and explanation to this book, and I know you will too.

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