the outsiders by S.E Hinton

September 28, 2012
By thomas huff BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
thomas huff BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
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The Outsiders is a page turning action adventure by S.E. Hinton. This book is a great book because it’s like being scared while watching a scary movie while you’re reading it! The character Ponyboy is 14 and lives with 5 friends (family). They have many adventures around the dreadful streets of Oklahoma.
In the book The Outsiders, Ponyboys has a lot of friends like Darry, Ponyboy’s big brother. TwoBit, he has to get everything out that he thinks need to come out like crying in pain. Johnny, Ponyboys best friend and, dally the robber. This book takes place around the 1950s. There are Socs the crazy over intense, rich people that throw beer blasts for fun (have a ton of party’s). They also beat up greasers for the heck of it! The socs live on the dark, dangerous streets of Oklahoma.
The greasers and the Socs absolutely hate each other. The greasers and the Socs have a rumble. A rumble is where the fight for territory. The rumble is very dangerous.
At times, they can have fights hand to hand combat or weapons to weapons combat.

There are many blood curling action scenes. Like the church fire, the church was blazing in red flames; the wood on the church was getting eaten by the red flames while some kids where in the blazing church. Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, and they all went in and saved the kids, when suddenly Johnny was nailed in the back with a falling board.

I enjoyed this book because it was a page turning exciting book, I recommend this book because of all of the adventure and excitement, and all of the sad, scary, dreadful, happy scenes in the book.

The author's comments:
I enjoyed this book and i wnated to shaere it with other poeple.

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