The Outsiders by S.E Hinton

September 28, 2012
By Kyla Archey BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
Kyla Archey BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
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The Outsiders

The captivating book The Outsiders was a true breath-taker. I think that the author, S.E Hinton really developed the details in the book so that the reader can understand, and maybe even connect to the characters in the book. The author also tries hard to make you laugh, cry, and wonder.

The Outsiders centers around two types of rivals: Greasers and Socs. Greasers are the misunderstood and mixed-emotioned teens on the East Side of town. Greasers are less fortunate, but are tough. They always stick by each other’s side no matter what, and their never afraid to take it one on one with a Soc. They wear skinny jeans, white and black t-shirts, and old shabby snow boots or tennis shoes. Socs are the Greedy and Heartless rich kids on the West Side of town. These teens have the finest things in town: Mustangs, Madras, and Lamborghinis. They always come to the East Side of town to beat and cut up Greasers without getting in any trouble with the fuzz (police). But most Socs are just like Greasers. In The Outsiders, Our Narrator, Ponyboy figures out that Socs and Greasers are not different at all. Socs just have RICH written on their forehead and Greasers have TRASH written on theirs.

There are a lot of main characters in The Outsiders, and their names are: Ponyboy, Darry, Sodapop, Johnny, and Dally. Ponyboy is our main character of the book, and our narrator. Ponyboy is known as “innocent” he watches sunsets, reads books, and gets good grades. He lives with his two oldest brothers Darry and Sodapop. Their parents died in a car accident years ago, but they are allowed to live together without getting into any trouble. Darry is more like the parent of the house he makes sure Ponyboy keeps his head in school and that he gets ALL his chores done. But Darry can take parenting a little too far he always forgets that he is still a big brother not an actual parent. Sodapop has eyes that dance all day! He always takes care of his responsibilities he is always flirting with the ladies and making them smile. But Sodapop is always stuck in the middle when Ponyboy and Darry fight it makes him upset and confused, but he always finds a way to work it out. Johnny is always jumpy. He is terrified of the Socs, one time while he was practicing football on the field at night time. When a bunch of Socs get out of their car and jumped him he was banged up pretty badly. But all of that fear of the Socs went away when shoved a six-inch switch blade right into the flesh of a nice-looking Soc by the name of Bob; But, you’ll have to read the book to find out more. Dally has the eyes of danger he steals, jumps kids, and kills. But Dally always sticks up for his greasers he never leaves them behind, especially Johnny. Johnny is the only thing Dally loves, and if he ever lost him there’s no telling what he would do.

The Outsiders has many events, but one of the main ones is the rumble where Socs and Greasers fight and whoever wins rules their territory and you’d be surprised by the results! I suggest that everyone reads The Outsiders it is a heart filling book that you can relate to; it can even give some good advice! I give this book two tuff thumbs up!

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