The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

September 28, 2012
By dexterblue1 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
dexterblue1 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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When my class was first assigned The Outsiders I was a little skeptic at first because it seemed a little old fashioned for me. Then when I started I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happened after every scene. I ended up finishing it in a week. After I finished it, I read the questions the author answered and I found out that S.E Hinton wrote the book at sixteen. I was shocked that a sixteen year old could write such a good book at such a young age.

Now let’s jump right into what the book is about. It starts off with a group of friends. Ponyboy is the youngest out of them and is the most emotional character in the book as he learns more than the others. Darry is the oldest and takes care of Pony since their parents died. Soda is the middle child and helps Darry take care of Pony. There are a couple more guys, but you have to read to know who they are.

There facing a group of rich kids who like to jump them, they are called the Socs and they hate greasers. In the middle of the book Ponyboy walks with his friend Johnny and the Socs get out and try to kill Pony but Johnny saves Pony but pays a hefty price. After it happens they get scared and go to their friend Dally and he tells them to go to an old abandoned church and he would get them when the police give up hunting for them. After getting the stuff and information from Dally they run away and hid in the church Dally told them about. When they got there they changed their appearances and waited for until the heat died down.

Now that’s all the information you’re getting out of me, but I am going to tell you some of my favorite scenes. My favorite scene in the book is when Pony goes into a burning building and saves the kids in there. It’s my favorite scene because it proved that he cared more for others than himself. Saving the kids proved that he cared for others because who goes into a burning building if they were selfish?
Although Pony and Johnny were injured saving the kids, they were just happy that all the kids were safe.

If I wasn’t assigned the book I probably wouldn’t have read it but I’m so glad we were. I like this book because it relates to a lot of problems happening in the world. So if you want to read a good story read it. I would also recommend it to people who enjoy lifelike stories.
You won’t be disappointed with this book trust me.

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