The Invisisble Man by H.G. Wells

September 28, 2012
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The Invisible Man is a science fiction novella by H G Wells that has a very dramatic start. A stranger came in February, through a biting wind and a harsh snow, walking from Bramblehusrt railway station, and carrying a little portmanteau in his hand. He was wrapped from head to foot, and the brim of his hat hid every inch of his face, but the tip of his nose. He staggered in the more dead than alive, and flung his portmanteau down. ‘A fire’ he cried, A room and a fire!’ He stamped and shook the snow off himself in the bar, and followed Mrs Hall into her guest parlour to strike a bargain. And with that much introduction, he took up his quarters in the inn.” In the story you have this man, who looks very weird. He arrives in a small town and there is a cloud of secrecy around him. No one knows his name, and he doesn’t have any serious conversations with anyone. Mrs Hall assumes that the stranger had an accident or an operation of some sort and that’s why he looks so weird. We know he is invisible but we do not know why he became that way.
Initially we do not know the invisible man’s name either, however later in the story we learn that his name is Giffin. The invisible man is locked away in a room conducting chemical experiments, which he records the results in notebooks. He works long hours. He tells Mrs Hall that he is an experimental investigator, but why are these experiments so important to him? You start to see his personality when you see that he has really short fuse. Did the experiment that made him invisible, affect his personality, or was he always like that? Then there was disturbance in the village and Mr Bobby Jaffers appears on the scene. He and some others try to capture the invisible man, but it’s quite difficult and he escapes from their grasp and flees. Shortly after, he forces Thomas Marvel, a vagrant to help him retrieve his notebooks from the inn, since he had to leave in such haste. Giffin ( The Invisible Man) escapes and wants to exact revenge on Kemp. Kemp tells the police to use dogs because they can sense Giffin even when he is invisible. This time, Giffin doesn’t get to exact his revenge, Instead he is faced with an ultimate demise.

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