Brightly of The Grand Cayon by Marguerite Henry

September 27, 2012
Who would ever think a donkey could touch the hearts of an Old miner, the President, and many others? Brightly named by the prospector who had saved him from drowning in the colorado river. The Old Miner befriends Brightly leaving him alone in the grand canyon. Although Brightly loses a friend he still remained the same old joyous mule he was before. When The Old Miner is unexpectedly killed, Brightly is faced with taking action to bring the killer to justice. Bringing the killer to justice is not so easy in the Grand Canyon. If Brightly chooses to go he will be facing the possibility of getting injured in the canyon or becoming a victim of the Old Miners killer. Will Brightly have to courage to find to bring the killer to justice knowing the Old Miner had befriended him? This is the ultimate test of perseverance and courage.
The author uses literary elements that the audience can relate to in their everyday life. Symbols of Friendship, Courage, and Happiness are used throughout this novel. The major symbol and theme of friendship is portrayed in most parts of the story. Friendship is proved to be an important factor in this book. The author uses this symbol of friendship to prove that friendships can come and go but you need to overcome bumps in the road in times of distress .
The Main theme of this story is to do good for others even if they have done something wrong too you. Brightly feels that he is obligated to bring the killer to justice because the Old Miner took care of him. Brightly knows what the right thing to do is even though he may not want to do it. I could relate to the main character because at points in my life I had lost close friends and came to peace with them. After reading this book I've started to think about doing more good for people that I may not like. Doing things like this can make a persons day. Lifes all about making someone else smile.
The author narrates this story in a positive and heart warming way. She writes this story in a unique style that is very family oriented. The way she writes this book makes it a great read for all ages. This book sends a good message to readers about happiness. Her style captures your attention with very interesting hooks to the end of each chapter. The ending will leave you smiling.
From the second I picked this book up I knew it would be a great read. Its not too short and not too long. I couldn't put this book down once i picked it up. I usually am not interested in reading books but this one was an exception. I loved this book from the beginning till the end.If you're looking for a book full of adventure and happiness I suggest you read Brightly of The Grand Canyon.

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