A Chiled Called It by Dave Pelzer

September 26, 2012
By Anonymous

A Child Called It
By Dave Pelzer, Hardcover, 184 pages

Child abuse is very commonly heard, but no one really knows how or who is getting affected by it everyday because it’s really unspoken in today’s society. The inspirational true story A Child Called It is about a child who is physically and emotionally abused by his alcoholic mother who becomes less fortunate and denies him to be a part of there family. David’s life was the best before but once his mother took drinking to an extent his life dramatically changed. He soon learned that his father wouldn’t stand up for him and he had to learn how to play his mothers treacherous games. He tried his best to not give in to his mother so she wouldn’t see him suffer; so he just took it and dealt with it.

His struggle to survive soon became more difficult because his mother stopped feeding him and sent him to school with the same old raggedy clothes to school everyday. Till one day his teacher and the school nurse began to notice his struggle in school and saw his bruises which left them questioned. Although David had nothing to say to stand up for himself he was still beaten each day and put to do rigorous chores, he then began to steal food because of the starvation his mother was putting him through. David used perseverance to get him through his life that seemed like a nightmare each and everyday, he soon saw the light once again.

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