The Vampire Diaries The Awakening by L.J. Smith

September 26, 2012
By Anonymous

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

Many teenage girls can relate to Elena Gilbert who is popular at her high school of Fells Church. She has a close relationship with her friends Meredith and Bonnie who help her get through stuff. One of her friends, Caroline is causing drama for Elena by stealing her limelight because she wants the attention. Elena breaks up with her old boyfriend, Matt who she has been with for a while and is interested in the new guy of the school named Stephan. She tries to talk to him, but he ignores her because she reminds him of Katherine who use to be his lover. Elena decides to go to the Homecoming Dance at the high school and she goes the cemetery with Tyler along with his friends because she sees Caroline and Stephan at the dance together which makes her mad. Tyler and Elena go off into the forest near the cemetery. Tyler tries to rape Elena, but he is stopped by Stephan and Stephan realizes that he cares for Elena and they fall in love, but Stephan seems to be hiding secrets from Elena. Elena gets closer to Stephan because he reveals his dark side of being a vampire and his life, but their relationship is becoming distant because of Stephan’s brother Damon who wants Elena. Stephan runs away from Fells Church leaving Elena alone without telling her and Elena is trying to figure out why, but Damon is in her way.

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