The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffennegger

September 26, 2012
By mbautista917 BRONZE, Arroyo Grande, California
mbautista917 BRONZE, Arroyo Grande, California
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In The Time Traveler’s Wife, a romantic story were a man named Henry that is a time traveler and unwillingly travels back in time. Were his wife Clare discovers at a young age that they were meant for each other. He often went back to see her as she grew older. As the time goes by they fall in love more and more. He couldn’t control his time traveling and the timing that he would go. He cared for Clare so much that he would do anything for here. He couldn’t tell her the things bad that were going to happen to her, he tried to help as much as he could for her to avoid some situation, but tried to not to change much of the past because at the future it might have changed and not have fell in love. It’s not a typical love story because they meet when he was older and she was very young because he is time traveler. If you have read The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks then you will love The Time Travelers Wife.

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