Wherever You Go by Heather Davis

September 26, 2012
Wherever You Go, by Heather Davis demonstrates how depressing life can be until you find something/someone that makes it worthwhile. In this story you follow the lives of three teenagers looking for the reason as to why their friend died. Holly Mullen, an unhappy and overwhelmed teen girl is mourning the death of her boyfriend Rob, while attempting to be the mother figure of her family. While Jason, Rob’s best friend, is realizing how deep his infatuation with Holly really is. While Rob dead and haunting his friends and family tries to find away into the “light” as he communicates with Holly’s grandpa Aldo. This book is great for to those who have a sweet spot for romance but don’t like the sappiness that follows it. Instead of the cliché romance stories you get a more mysterious feel towards it because of Rob’s narration and the more depressing yet hopeful vibe from both Jason and Holly.

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