Fahrenheit 451 (no spoilers) by Ray Bradbury

September 26, 2012
By HarisonMeister BRONZE, Arroyo Grande, California
HarisonMeister BRONZE, Arroyo Grande, California
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Fahrenheit 451 is a science fiction novel set in the future. This future is very bleak if you like to read. This is a future where reading is illegal, and nobody cares. At least, not anybody inside the city.

The protagonist, Guy Montag, is just living his life with his wife when he finds a book. A real book. This is illegal, and dangerous. Guy is a fireman, a fireman’s job is to burn houses that own books. Guy is now in the middle of some very dangerous business owning this book.

In a world where standing out in society is practically illegal, would you dare to be yourself? Own a book when you will burn for it? This book is perfect for any intelligent reader of any age. You’ll know if you can understand it within the first few pages. So if you find you can’t understand the language, pick it up again in another couple years. Ray Bradbury will keep you reading around the clock, and you will be left wanting more.

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