Animal Farm by George Orwell

September 26, 2012
By OrangeJulius BRONZE, Nipomo, California
OrangeJulius BRONZE, Nipomo, California
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''I threw a smoke grenade, and then I threw a real grenade; to cause chaos and confusion."

Animal Farm

Is there such a thing as a perfect government? Is it possible for animals to form and maintain a sustainable political system? Animal Farm is a satire on the Soviet Union’s communistic political system in the time between 1904 and the 1940’s. This book reaches audiences that have a firm grasp on politics and governmental systems. When the animals become fed up with doing all work six days a week and hardly getting the necessities to live back from the farmer the animals put aside their differences and band together to throw the farmer off of the farm. After this revolution it is necessary for the animals to form a formal government, form a solid set constitution, and learn to use the tools without the farmer. For the first few weeks everything is great, but then implications that come with politics set in and everything begins to fall apart. I would recommend this book for those interested in reading about a political system that rots from the inside out by betrayal.

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