Saving Arm Pit by Natalie Hyde

September 26, 2012
By Anonymous

Saving ArmPit

By: Natalie Hyde

The Harmony Point baseball team is use to losing. None of their coaches have ever been really good at coaching or knowing anything about baseball. To even show how disfunctional the team is they do not have matching team uniforms. They have not won a game, to make matters worse they have never won a game. Harmony Point is basically off the map. no one has ever thought to fix the town sign that now says Arm Pit because of a april fools pranks by kids. While things were never looking to turn out good for the Terriers they get a new Postman. Turns out that his son played baseball and he had brand new equipment. Now as things are starting to look better for the Terriers, they find out that coach Blackmore and the rest of the post office might be moving. Clay and the rest of the Terriers try to figure out a plan to try and save the post office and there coach from moving. Even though they come up with really unique plan, they do not have good odds in their plan working.

Natalie Hyde has written a fun non-fiction book for baseball lovers or even just a person who is looking for an interesting book to read for a enjoyable experience. The small but major details in this thriller will really throw you for a loop while you take the adventure through the book Saving Arm Pit.

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