A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

September 25, 2012
A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning
By Lemony Snicket

Warning: This book review is about a book that contains no happy ending or even a beginning. There are barely any happy moments in this book, but if you’re into that ok. I never knew someone’s life could be so horrible but reading The Bad Beginning showed that three children’s lives can be. Losing your parents in a horrible house fire, and having to live with an evil relative who will do anything and I mean anything to get your fortune your parents have left you in their will is the worst life I can say. This horrid life is now the life Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire have to live with.

The way how the lives of these children have dramatically changed in one day is why i love this book so much. The children were at a beach all alone enjoying their day while their parents are busy at home and then a moment later they hear bad news from their family’s financial advisor about the tragedy that happened. The fact that the children had no idea what to do. Seeing their house all burnt down to the ground. Reading about it made me feel how the children probably felt.

The Bad Beginning contains interesting characters. Lemony Snicket created very fascinating characters. He distinctively characterized each person very well. For example Violet is told in the story as a very smart young girl. She loves to invent things and also loves to read as well as does Klaus. Klaus especially loves to read the most. His parents owned an enormous library and he would read almost every single book in it. Because he reads so much he’s by far probably the smartest child you would ever meet if he was a real character. Sunny on the other hand is very different from her older siblings. Although she is an infant she’s smart even though she cannot really speak that well. She loves to bite though. She will literally bite anything she can get her hands on.

The one character I don’t like is Count Olaf. He is a very distant cousin of the Baudelaire aires. Count Olaf is the one who will do absolutely anything to get his hands on the children’s money. He’s the person you will not ever want to meet in your life.

Reading this book will always make you predict what’s next. I always predicted what would happen next. I would also picture moments from the book in my head. Doing these really made me get into the book so much. These things also made me feel how the characters feel.

This realistic book is part of an amazing series called The Series of Unfortunate Events. I hope the second book is as great as the first book. The climax in the first book is what got me hooked. The climax of the first book is what changes your view of the book when you first start to read it. I plan to reading the whole entire series. Once you read the first book, you can’t help but want to finish the entire series. That’s how hooked the first book gets you. That’s what it did to me. I honestly suggest you read the first book because I know you won’t regret it.

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