In Cold Blood by Truman Capote MAG

September 19, 2012
By Anonymous

This is an interesting book about the real horrific murder of a small-town family. Truman Capote spent years ­researching and interviewing those affected by the real murder – including the murderers. Written with horrid details about the murders, the amount of suspense and mystery plague the reader until the end.

In Cold Blood – appropriately titled, for the murder originally appeared motiveless – portrays the murderers as cold and heartless monsters. Their thoughts reveal no feeling or emotions toward the family. However the story ­describes in-depth details of the murderers' past that cause the reader to feel empathy for them. In addition, Capote ­includes details about the family that cause the reader to sympathize with the victims as well. This creates a sense of confusion because of the interrelated plot lines and can be very confusing because of the shifting points of view.

Despite that, the details maintain the suspense. The motive remains hidden making the reader to keep reading. Even after the mystery's solved, the story will continue to enthrall the reader because of the connection the reader has to the murderers.

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