the lovely bones by alice sebold

September 19, 2012
By imhawt15 BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
imhawt15 BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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most people will say they know someone that died that was very close to them such as a grandmother or grandfather, but very few have lost someone so close to them that they feel like they've lost everything. The story the lovely bones, by Alice Sebold is a book about a girl named Susie who is viciously raped and murdered by her neighbor Mr Harvey.
this story's told from the point of view of Susie, who is watching from heaven, her family and closest friends suffer and morn because of her death. This story is unique compared to other murder story's because the story is told from someone who is dead and in heaven. The author does a tremendous job in explaining in how exactly the lives of each member of the family changes and how Susie feels about what goes on in the lives of her mother, father, sister, and brother after her death. The many conflicts throughout the book keeps the reader hooked and leaves them wanting more.
this is a very well written book and really makes the reader think in a different point of view. It shows and teaches people how bad things can happen to the most Innocent people. This book is recommended because it made me realize how lucky i am to wake up every morning and be surrounded by the people i love and who love me

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