The Shining by Stephen King

September 19, 2012
One of Stephen King’s most famous horror novels, The Shining, his 5th published book, may be the best ever written. Danny the main character is a 5 year old boy who had a power called “Shining”, a power which allows him to see visions of past and future horrors. His father receives a job as care taker of the Overlook Hotel, a place filled with many evil spirits and ghosts and Danny’s visions go crazy. The hotel demon slowly possesses his father Jack, Danny and his mother Wendy seem doomed.

The Shining is the best horror novel written by King. Although the beginning of the novel was a bit slow because it was filled with background information, but once the reader gets hooked on the book, the novel is extremely difficult to put down. The book is horrifying due to Kings detailed explanations of the terrible things. The story will keep the reader on the edge of their seat and they will never want to put it down. The Shining is filled with suspense in the hotel, the family had been destroyed by the evil beings. Redrum will happen at the hotel and the readers want to know what will happen next. King never fails to write a great novel.

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