My Brother Sam is Dead by Christoher Collier

September 19, 2012
By ChrisK1 BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
ChrisK1 BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to be honored? Everyone likes compliments, and everyone likes to be recognized. However, have you ever thought about the price that “glorious” things can come at? In the book My Brother Sam is Dead by Christopher Collier, Tim Meeker finds out that a lot of times glory comes at a price. Tim experiences two situations where glory turns out to be paid with a huge price.

One situation Tim experienced is when his brother Sam goes against his parents and joins the patriot army during the American Revolutionary War. Sam joins for the wrong reason which is because he gets the feeling of being tough and glorious. However at the end of the book Sam ends up dying because he did not think of the danger he would be in.

This is a good book for the reasons that the reader can get a lot out of the theme. The price of glory is a subject people do not hear about to much so it is good to bring this to reader’s attention. The book reads easy and at many points hard to put down. This book should be recommended for anyone who likes history, easy reading, a good plot, and an excellent theme.

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