The Green Mile by Stephen King

September 19, 2012
The Green Mile by Stephen King was a very interesting book. Many people would not spring for a book about criminals on death row and the story told by one of the guards. The Green Mile could not have been better. Paul Edgecombe the narrator of the story meets a special death row inmate named John Coffey. The inmate was accused of killing two girls and the reader later finds out he is innocent and has magical powers that Coffey can use to heal people. King wanted the feeling that you could never judge a book by its cover. In the book, Coffey is described as a very large man who seems like he definitely committed the crime. However, Coffey is the exact opposite, Coffey is a gentle and kind man that just wants to help people.

It was very pleasing reading this book. At first thoughts went through my head that the book might sound a little better than it really was but as I soon found out it was better than any person could imagine. The one problem that readers might face is that, the first few chapters the book were slow and not much happened. This book is great for any reader who is a Stephen King fan, or people who enjoy a suspenseful book with magical realism thrown in.

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