Boy's Life by Robert McCammon

September 19, 2012
By akyei BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
akyei BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon, will interest teenagers and young adults who enjoy the elements of fantasy and magical realism in novels. The novel contains unique content, style and merit. The author’s style of writing will always keep the reader interested, absorbed and captivated. The author also directs the novel to be narrated by the main character, Cory Mackenson, so the reader can better understand the different points of views the author proposes. The novel offers several different themes. One of the main themes includes racism, hence the novel was written in the late fifties. The title of the novel explains itself; mainly about flourishing and maturing as a boy, while he gets introduced to death and the new perception of life.
Numerous abnormal events occur throughout the novel, which keeps the reader on the edge of their seats. Specific events within the novel will also have the reader in suspense, wondering what is going to happen next. Young adults and teenagers will most likely find it difficult to relate to the novel because of the magical aspect region. Although, what one would discover interesting is that the reader only encounters the magical realism and fantasy elements after the main characters are presented with murder.

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