The Angel Experiment by James Petterson

September 18, 2012
By Mikayla Miloshevski BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
Mikayla Miloshevski BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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The Angel Experiment, written by James Patterson was an amazing book. This novel is filled with action and drama, making it very difficult to put it down. Patterson does a wonderful job in describing the characters and the main events in the book. He is truly gifted with his use of descriptive prose and he draws the reader into the story, always leaving us wanting more.
Although the general plot of The Angel Experiment is simple, it is still very interesting and full of intrigue. Early in the book we find out that there are six kids that have been separated from their parents. It is also explained that as a result of genetic mutation experimentation, these kids have unique gifts and talents. For years these kids have been secretly imprisoned to be poked and prodded in the name of science. Finally they band together and escape thus beginning their adventure. On the outside, this “family” must work together to stay alive as they run away from those that want them dead and toward personal discovery.
The leader of the group is named Max. She is the central character and is easy to relate to. She is fearless and will do anything she can to protect the kids. As the story develops, Max’s character grows as she works her way through her internal struggle, always needing to decide between what is right for her and what is right for the group. As Max deals with the burden and responsibility of being a leader, her character becomes more endearing and the reader is eager to see her succeed as she strives to find a place for them to all be together. This is clearly evident when she says “I don’t care if we have our house, or a cliff ledge, or a cardboard box. Home is wherever we all are, together.” It is at this point that Max clearly has become committed to the group and that she recognizes the real meaning of family. It shows that it doesn’t matter what happens, as long as you are with family, you are home.
The Angel Experiment is replete with action, drama, and suspense. It grips the reader from the opening paragraphs and doesn’t let go. The Angel Experiment is a page-turner in every sense of the word. It is a very descriptive and interesting read. Although fantasy genre novels are not the type of book that I usually enjoy reading, I have continued to read the series and have liked all of the books so far. At this point I feel invested in the characters, almost as thought I have known them my entire life; as though I have connected with them on a personal level.
In the novel The Angel Experiment Patterson weaves a story of heartbreak, turmoil and adventure; showing that even the most special beings have obstacles to overcome and that only through working together and being interdependent can we truly achieve success. I cannot wait to read the last book in the series and share more of the adventure that Max and her family are experiencing.

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