The Outsiders by S.E. Hiton

September 12, 2012
By ZakKratzer BRONZE, Middleburg, Pennsylvania
ZakKratzer BRONZE, Middleburg, Pennsylvania
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The Outsiders

The story of “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton is a book about a boy named Ponyboy who lived in a rough neighborhood. He was a in a group called the greasers. He and his friend, Johnny Cade, are not the normal kind of greaser like the others. One night they run to the park to get away from Pony’s older brother, Darry, after he hits Ponyboy. They get into a fight with the other group, the east side Socs. This is the turning point in the story where Pony and Johnny run away to Windrixville. Pony doesn’t know it yet, but this impacts his brothers Darry and Sodapop greatly. The Curtis brothers have many differences and this part brings out the similarities.

Ponyboy is the sensitive one who cares about everyone in the group of the greasers. He views Darry as a father figure, since their parents died when they were little. He views his brother Sodapop like a best friend, or a person free of cares. At the start he believes Darry, the oldest brother, doesn’t care about him as much as he cares about Sodapop. Then his ideal thought changes as the story progresses and Sodapop writes him the letter about Darry and him missing him. That shows Pony that Darry acutely really cares about him just as much as he cared for Soda.
Darry is the eldest brother who believes Pony can make something of himself. He is critical on Pony because he knows Pony is smart and can get a good job and make it big unlike him and Soda. He treats Soda better, but he cares for them the same. He may be nicer to Soda, but that’s because he can take care of himself. Darry starts to change after he hits Pony. He stays up all night thinking about it, crying, and feeling sorry for Pony not knowing where he is. Darry is the biggest guy in the house, but he has his sensitive moments where he can be a nice guy.
Sodapop is the middle child. He works at a gas station, he’s very close to Pony, and he is very popular for his good looks. Girls describe his as cute, romantic, adorable, fine, tuff and many more. Ponyboy and Sodapop are the closet two in the house. He is alright with Darry, but sometimes he can’t stand him. Soda is impossible to change. No one wants, or would want, to change him. Everyone likes him just the way he is. He is a fun loving guy who enjoys life and being around his friends.
“The Outsiders” is a wonderful book. It shows friendship, violence, love, and how the world use to be, and sometimes still is. . The Curtis brothers have many differences. In the end, though, they still love each other and are closer than before. The theme of this book would have to be friendship. It shows how, even if your brothers, you can still be close friends.

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