The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

September 11, 2012
By Matt Dickerson BRONZE, West Seneca, New York
Matt Dickerson BRONZE, West Seneca, New York
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Book Review

There is 1000’s of things around us that happen each and every day that we never really appreciate. In the Book of Awesome the author Neil Pasricha points these things out to us. There are things around us that happen and put a smile on our face and we may not even notice that this is happening. There were some things in the book that I liked and there were some that I did not like at all.

The book is about all the things that happen around us that we do and are great. The book is funny while at the same time very true. Examples are included that can relate to a very wide audience that chooses to read the book. An example to relate to an adult that may be reading the book is blowing through a yellow light and then the person behind you does too. After each topic the author explains a brief description of what makes each topic awesome. As a funnier example that can relate to a younger audience the author mentions when electronics aren’t working and you fix them by smacking them.

There were some parts about the book that I like more than others. Some of the parts I liked are the topics. For the most part they are pretty funny or interesting. The great thing about the topics is they are always changing and there is not just one subject of topics. Topics ranged from school to work to everyday life. The topics in the beginning of the book started very strong and exciting. The book was also very good for picking up and for putting down. As the reader you can read a little without getting so sucked in that you have to make special time throughout the day dedicated to reading the book. At the same time the book is good enough to keep you wanting to read it and it is always worth coming back to.

I had many more likes about the book than I did dislikes about the book. I did have some dislikes though and the big one was there were a few topics that related to specific people. The book is very diverse and spread out to a wide audience which is a good thing but some of the topics really narrowed down to a very specific group of people. Another small complaint I had about the book is that the topics in the beginning of the book were more exciting and fun than the ones at the end.

The book was overall a pretty good book to anyone that is looking for something fun to read. If you would like to read a not so serious book that you can get a good laugh out of then I can recommend this book to you.

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