The 13th Reality the Journal of cirous Letters by James Dashner

September 5, 2012
By Matthew Wood BRONZE, Highllands Ranch, Colorado
Matthew Wood BRONZE, Highllands Ranch, Colorado
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Hello, This is a book review on one of James Dashner's books "The 13th Reality". It is a exciting piece of work for this author. Also he is the author of the Maze Runners, but this book is about a boy named Atticus Higginbottom, who is getting these letters from a man named Master George also known as M.G.. Plus he also has to figure out the riddle within the message that M.G. is sending him and lots of other kids around the world. But, once Atticus also known as Tick, figures out the 12 clues M.G. is sending him he and a few others are sent to a headquarters in the middle of the ocean to find out that he was in a different world and that they will be sent off to fight some evil woman Mistress Jane and take her Barrier wand and return to headquarters ASAP with it. And they did, but the danger is yet too come as the books continue on into more dangerous missions,and battles.

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