Falling Through The Earth by Danielle Trussoni

August 24, 2012
By MorganAgnor BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
MorganAgnor BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Falling Through The Earth is a non-fiction novel based on the life of Danielle Trussoni the daughter of a Vietnam vet who's being haunted by ghosts of his past. Everyone can see how much her father is struggling , ecspecially Danielle.
Growing up Danielle learned how to run from cops, listen to rock and roll, and never turn down a chance to fight. Danielle was always exstatic when it came to hearing stories of her father crawling through tunnels searching for American POWs underground. But as she grew older and her knowledge grew larger she began to realize that the man that she once loved and adored was a man who was an alcholic, hurt people who were complete strangers, and was the reason her mother left. And the only reason behind all of his actions was because he was suffering from the horror that he faced in those tunnels.
Danielle's world all came spinning into action when one morning she found herself riding in the front seat of her father's rusty old truck fleeing from whatever problem her father had stirred up now. She always knew the reason they were leaving wasn't good but her mother had abondened her and left Danielle with her father and all her fathers problems, which now became her own.
Although the Trussonis are fiercely committed to each other, theirs is a love story filled with anger, stubbornness, outrageous behavior, and battle scars that never completely heal.
I would recommend this book to many people, ecspecially people who have similar experiences because I feel they could relate very well to this book and really feel for the author. I think this is a great tribute to all of our war veterans and how much we all greatly appreciate them.

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