August 9, 2012
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For Kip Dawson,winning a seat on a commercial space flight is a dream come true.After all this does not happen everyday.BUt this fails to get into his wife Sharon's head.They fight with each other and also the children are upset with their father.But Kip Dawson leaves all this behind and embarks on his space flight.Everything goes on smoothly and Kip is thrilled.but suddenly disaster strikes.His pilot is killed and all communications with the earth are snapped.He gets trapped in space and no one knows about it.To kill time he writes a record for his family on a laptop in the hope tat somebody may discover it.But oblivious to him a teenage hacker in Western Australia manages to receive it.Each word written inspace by Kip is reproduced in real time on earth.Whereupon a worldwide audience,reading his every word waits on tenterhooks for news of kip's fate.

This is a fantastic book and inspires us to beat the odds and come out with flying colours.Kip dawson's space adventures are marrow chilling and filled with suspense.

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JAMES dawson said...
Oct. 2, 2012 at 5:22 am
very good review of orbit.i really enjoyed it.it was top class.
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