Into the Wild

July 23, 2012
By Velvetfvr BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Velvetfvr BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Into The Wild is a non-fiction story written by John Krakauer about Chris Mcandless events that ultimately lead him to his death. John went and visited nearly every place that Chris had gone too throughout his super tramp lifestyle. The author described the sights and how he felt in the places Chris had encountered so it made you feel as if you had traveled right along with Chris. He used very descriptive vocabulary to describe Chris’s final destination in a sense that you felt like he was alone out in the middle of nowhere when in fact Chris was only a few miles from civilization.

Throughout the story, John did his research well. He met up with all the people that met with Chris. He got their perspective and the thoughts that were running through their head so you got a whole outlook on the situation. It made you feel like the author’s whole journey was your own. This allowed you to have a very accurate knowledge regarding the story and if he found a mistake in his information he recognized it and got it right. He would give you bits and pieces of the notes that Chris had wrote to his fellow friends and family so you got another viewpoint on how Chris thought. John also wrote about his experiences. It made reading and comprehending the story a lot easier as the reader. Also John was very neutral. It really let you get into the book and let thoughts run through your mind as you read the story. Another well executed task that John did was that he gave you information on how Chris could have survived instead of ultimately dying. He went into detail that if Chris had traveled a certain ways farther or headed one way instead of the other he would have been able to survive.

One downfall to the way John had wrote the story was it wasn’t in chronological order. It started out at the end of Chris’s life and was jumpy. He did give quality information which made the reading easier but it was jumpy. But on a high note John included quotes throughout the story. It really let you get a good educated conclusion on what was to be expected. I had fun enjoying reading about a young man’s life doing what he wanted to do and had a bunch of fun doing it!

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