Night by Elie Wiesel

August 2, 2012
Although I’ve learned and read a lot about the holocaust, this novel made me realize how much teens and children really suffered. Having to watch their loved ones being killed or taken away from their side with no reason what so ever or have the SS abuse them for nothing at all. These were horrible times. What was even worse is that to the soldiers the Jews were nothing but a number, they all looked the same.
Night was a great book. One of the main reasons I really liked this book is because it’s about the holocaust.(the holocaust is one of my favorite topics for some off reason). I liked reading some parts of the book, for instance when Wiesel tells you about his life way before they get taken away from their homes by the SS. Also when most of the Jews are finally free, besides all the innocent people who lost their lives. One of my all time favorite part from the book was that throughout the book Wiesel managed to stay by his father’s side no matter what was going on, he didn’t want to lose the last person he had.
Even though Night is a great novel, it did go somewhat slow; I didn’t like that at times because I really wanted to know what was going to happened next but it had a few flash backs. Another thing I somewhat disliked was that just because Moishe was a jokester, and liked to tell stories, no one wanted to believe him when he wanted to be serious about his experience in the camp he escaped from. I mean Moishe tried warning them about these camps, but people ignored him, they didn’t take him seriously; all this chaos could’ve been avoided.
Elie Wiesel did an amazing job writing “Night”. If one takes the time to read this book, they’ll notice that life is valuable, don’t just take life for granted. Wiesel interests you into reading the book because first off this topic was an important event in history(and you’ll like it if you like the holocaust topic) and secondly it’s what happened to him, he was very fortunate that he survived this tragic event. He went from being a number to being someone important in life, someone who had something to live for. At some point in the book you actually feel what’s going on, because of the detail he gives you.

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Eeva45 said...
Aug. 23, 2012 at 11:55 pm
You're review was great. Even though it was more like a summary, but you still advertised the book well. Due to your article I might actually want to read this book on my freetime. 
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