Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

August 1, 2012
By Danny.P BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Danny.P BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Picture this. Your in your twenties you just finished college and want to see the world without anybody worrying about you. You drop everything and decide to change your name so that your loved wouldn't come to find you, leaving without a trace to a barren land, to live of the land and become your own man. Once I picked up Into the Wild by Jon krakauer, I couldn't put it down. Although this story is tragic there was something about the book that can not be described in words. Every page of this book was so detailed that you could imagine that you were there in April 1922 when "Alex" was found. Alex's real name was Christopher Johnson McCandless. I envy Chris McCandless for pursuing his dreams, leaving everything and everyone to do something he truly wanted. no one knew that out of all people Chris would be found dead in an abandoned bus by a couple of moose hunters. hitchhiking to Alaska would end up getting himself killed in the process. The author said during the book that Chris was not mentally ill or psychotic, Chris did finish high school nearly flawless and graduated the same at Emory so don't get any wrong ideas! He wasn't crazy to go to Alaska, he was just seeking answers of life. The tale about Chris is truly remarkable. This book is a must read! After reading this book I came to one conclusion, Chris McCandless died loving what he was doing. The autopsy of his body suggested two things, that he died of starvation or of the freezing temperatures of the area around Mt. McKinley. It must have been extremely difficult to live off the land for several months. It also should have been hard to leave his loved ones without saying good bye and saying why he was leaving to begin with. Along the way Chris befriended a few people that he sent postcards to, by reading them, the reader could understand that Chris was in fact a near genius, he was smart and understood people better than anyone. He brightened every one's day once he meet them, he was a great man. If you read this book you will also understand why this book is a classic.Jon Krakauer is a truly gifted author and to finish with this review I rate this book a 9 out of ten!

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