Night by Elie Wiesel

August 1, 2012
By vavalos BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
vavalos BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Night is a very good eye opener book. It made me think about so many people who think their life was hard, but after you read this book you realize there’s much more in the world than there was in the historic holocaust times. The holocaust to me before I read this book was just a bad time for the Jews, but it was more horrid than I thought. At first the book was very hard to read, I had to read some parts again, but the book was so interesting I had no problem with it. Elie Wiesel the author described every detail of his part in the holocaust to tell us what really happened during that time. Elie put so much sensory detail into this story I can see it happening right in front of me.
Elie Wiesedidn't’t really grab my attention in the beginning of the book, but after all that he describes his family, friends, and community that is what made the book interesting, and yet depressing. As things in his book begin to all make unwrap each other it makes you want to read more, and more. Those pictures in my head he has created will never be forgotten, and that’s probably why he wrote to show people the terrible adventure through the holocaust with us. Not only showing, but almost feeling the emotions he felt throughout the book. The hatred he described for the cold-hearted, inhumane Germans. The sadness and depression he went threw with thousands of others. The feel of no emotions at all became so real to me. Elie Wiesel described in such intense feeling in small words, and a small book made the book famous.
This book should not be recommended to kids younger than 12. It really was great book, but even sometimes that is too much for a kid to take as what Elie Wiesel was when he experienced these tragic events. He just wanted everyone to not ever let anyone go through what he did, and reading this book will encourage people who really don’t care to change. Nonetheless, anyone who loves a great story from the past should read “Night”. Even more so if you are interested in the tragedies of the holocaust from such a great author. Also, those who enjoy stories that are non-fiction, and bibliographies. I absolutely loved this book, and hope others enjoy as I did.

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