Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

July 20, 2012
By Sabrin Sidhu BRONZE, Valencia, California
Sabrin Sidhu BRONZE, Valencia, California
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Pride and Prejudice is a quintessential novel that beautifully delineates the essence of true love. Jane Austen’s quixotic approach to love through the chimerical love story of Elizabeth and Darcy makes the audience rage with envy. The character dynamics capture a diverse range of psychological behaviors. From wildly absurd Mrs. Bennett to diffident Jane to opinionated Elizabeth, the audience is sure to find a character they can identify with.

The story centers on Elizabeth Bennett and her irregular fairytale. She is one of five daughters who are raised in a well-respected family. Her world turns upside down, however, when Mr. Darcy enters- an arrogant yet handsome rich man. Austen takes us through a series of twists and turns as both of them experience attraction, heartbreak, and passion. What is one to do in a society where status and prestige are valued higher than true love?
The story, despite being voluminous, is engaging at every stage. While strong characters uphold the drama off the story, ludicrous personalities keep the audience entertained and laughing. In every aspect, Pride and Prejudice is one of Austen’s most admirable and scintillating masterpieces. By illustrating the detrimental effects of an inflated ego and extreme prejudice, Austen warns the audience of two of the most common failings in love. Although it is not a thrilling action packed adventure, it is sure to make you smile along the way.

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