The Christopher Killer

June 13, 2012
By Anonymous

This book was recommend by my teacher. This is a kind of book I never though of reading. Once I started reading it, I feel in love with it. This book is about a girl named Cameryn who loves forensics science. Since she's read so many books about it, she decides to work as an assistant for father who is the coroner. She loves doing what does until, it gets personal. After this insistent she was truly determined to find out what happened. To get the truth out, she has to go threw a lot of people and evidence in the small town of Sliverston. As the main character of the story, Cameryn has developed as a person. She was says “I've told you a hundred times, this is a career path I want.”Even though her grandmother especially, puts her down she always manages to do it and prove her grandmother wrong. In the beginning of story she always talked about how she all about the facts and how she was determined to do this right, but toward the middle and end when they bring up her mother, she begins to become more emotional and started to open up. Especially since all this happening is apart of her life/ people she's close with. I recommend this book to anyone, because I never expected myself to like it but I loved it! I'm hoping to read the next one. I'am encouraging for many others to read this book too and enjoy it like I did!

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