1000 Reasons Never to Kiss a Boy

May 30, 2008
By Mikayla O'Connor, Mantorville, MN


Jane was in a relationship until he embarrassed her at the bagel shop were she works. Elliot (her x) walked in kissing another girl. Obviously they are over. She was sick of his nonsense. She decided Elliot was her first and last boyfriend. She couldn’t get over it, so she is finding 1000 reasons to never kiss or date a boy again. She relies that all these reasons have made her wonder why would you even want to kiss a boy? Just because you kiss a boy doesn’t make you a princess.


Jane is a girl that is free spirit and doesn’t care what people think about her. She is outgoing and doesn’t care about boys.


I recommend this book to anyone who likes drama with some comedy. The drama is trying to get over her relationship and the comedy is writing all the reasons to reasons to never kiss or date a boy again. I think this is a good book because I have never had a boyfriend and it gave me more ideas why not to.

Drama with some comedy


I give it a 9 because it leaves you hanging at the end of the reasons.

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