Something Blue by Emily Giffen

June 11, 2012
By tenzin youdon BRONZE, Jackson Height, New York
tenzin youdon BRONZE, Jackson Height, New York
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Something Blue by Emily Giffin is the sequel to Something Borrowed. It's about the beautiful Darcy who's life completely changes after she catches her best-friend Rachel and ex-fiance Dex together. She also discovers that she is pregnant with someone else's child, who eventually breaks up with her. Without telling her friends and family, Darcy moves to London for a new start and a better life by staying with her childhood friend Ethan, who understands her situation and helps her through her pregnancy. Even thought her life in London is completely opposite to her glamorous and perfect life in New York, she believes that moving to London was the best decision she ever made because she learned to be self-dependent, understand friendship and motherhood with the help of Ethan. There, she was able to change herself and realize what she truly wants for herself.

The main reason people enjoy reading books is because it makes us feel 'something' for the characters and their journey and this book allows us to. This book touched on many subjects such as pregnancy, family, motherhood but the main theme for this book would be love and friendship. Throughout the book, Darcy tries to find what she she really wants and need. Then she realizes that she need true love and friends. It is clear when Darcy states, “Love and friendship. They are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them.” Love and friendship both play important roles in our identities, in how we define ourselves and how we see the world. In life, our friends bring us happiness and excitement. They provide us security and support that are needed in ones life. This book shows that facing challenges together strengthens and adds value to a friendship.

I recommend this book to people who enjoyed the book or/and the movie, Something Borrowed. This book allows you to read about the process of how the protagonist changes throughout the book. This realistic, romantic book is written in a first point of view which lets you know what she is thinking. The author made this fun and enjoyable so the readers would want to keep reading it. I was able to connect this book because I thought about how valuable my friends are to me. Just like Darcy and Rachel, my friends and I are always able to grow closer after going to challenges together. I personally loved this series because it mainly focused on friendship and its importance for the support it provides us.

The author's comments:
I decided to write a review for this book because I really enjoyed reading and watching the prequel,Something Borrowed. It is such a fun book and keep you wanting for more.

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