Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin

June 11, 2012
By ErikaLucero BRONZE, Astoria, New York
ErikaLucero BRONZE, Astoria, New York
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Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin is about a relationship between two best friends Darcy and Rachael who have always been best friends since they were little and now they are 30 year old and still have that close relationship. Rachael is the one telling us her point of view. Its not until Racheals 30th birthday that Darcy throws for her that everything changes. After a whole night at the party, Darcy gets drunk and is taken home. Dex, Darcy's Fiance stays with Rachel and takes her home making them end up together that night, making feelings grow between them. This book makes you want to read more and more because things like this can happen in real life. I would recommend this book to people whole like romance because there is a lot of romance. The story continues with a lot of suspense, thinking what will happen when Rachael says, "And then, I am having sex with my best friend's fiance."

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