Heroes and Villains Al Capone by Diane Yancey

June 7, 2012
By DLee88 BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
DLee88 BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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Heroes and Villains: Al Capone written by Diane Yancey was overall a very informative and intriguing biography. She explained how Al Capone basically owned Chicago; including its law enforcers and was capable of causing the United States to repeal amendments. Not only did Yancey inform the reader Capone's smuggling and sale of liquor, but also prostitution, extortion, bribery, and violence. She also did not only focus on his life during his fame, but also his childhood, education, and beginning years as a gangster. She also wrote about his life in prison, the legacy he left behind, and why he will never be forgotten. Many people believe Al Capone was a cold blooded, merciless gangster. However, in this book Yancey explained how he would compromise before turning to violence as an answer. He is also depicted as a friendly man, as he known for always wearing a smile and having a firm handshake. This book did not only talk about Capone, but also his family, friends, foes, and bosses. This showed how he even got his family involved in crime, and also how he dealt with his enemies. Although Al Capone lived only to the 1940s, he is relevant to today. It addresses issues like poverty and crime. He was like many men or women who commit crimes today. He became involved in crime due to the poverty and poor welfare programs the government provided then. Today, this is still a topic many republicans and democrats argue over. I would highly recommend this book to those who are looking for a biography on a character with an exciting life, how he overcame his problems, and how he affected those around him.

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