Series of Unfortunate Events. Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket

June 7, 2012
By ZachaDoodle BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
ZachaDoodle BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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Scary, Frightening, intelligent, are what the Baudelaire children are. They are scared for their lives after going through a series of unfortunate events. Their parents, killed in a fire, along with their families mansion and their fortune, in the hands of the bank, not being able to be accessed until of age. Frightening, that a murderous, evil, disguise villain will find them. These words however describe Count Olaf. He is after their fortune and is ready to attack by any means necessary. He has failed once, now he is back again, another chance to get this much closer to the fortune. As the Baudelaire children go through a series of guardians, he seems to appear everywhere.
How will they hide? How will they stop Count Olaf? What extremes will he go to get the Baudelaire fortune? Well, in this book, you will find out. Join Sunny, Violet, and Klaus, and their frightening, scary, and remarkable adventure through a series of unfortunate events. See how they may answer or may leave your questions in the dark. See their personalities evolve, Sunny, just a baby with a huge bite. Klaus is an intelligent reader and thinker. Violet is an outstanding inventor, able to brainstorm the craziest and amazing ideas.

This book is outstanding. If you are an adventurer when it comes to reading, you will never put this novel down. This shows great characterization in all of the characters Sunny, Violet, and Klaus. Setting is never the same they are always on the move from Count Olaf.
My recommendations are after reading the first 3 chapters you will be hooked. I recommend this to ages 12-14 and in grades 6-8. And as a rating, I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. This book is fantastic, I would really recommend to pick it up and read this amazing novel.

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