The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

June 7, 2012
By srodger BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
srodger BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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Scholastic Inc., 2008, 374 pp., $8.99
ISBN-13: 978-0-02352-8
The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen lives in a world that has already seen the end. Suzanne Collins’ four star novel follows the agonizing emotions of hatred she has suffered due to the death of her father causing her mother to become distant. And along with the scarce food and high amount of under privileged families in District 12, Katniss thought it was the end. Her suspicions are confirmed when the intriguing, dystopian storyline shadows the heart-plummeting fear of Primrose Everdeen being called at the Reaping, the same name of Katniss’ gentle 12-year-old little sister. To save herself from the unbearable pain, Katniss volunteers to take her place when the time comes to choose one boy and one girl tribute from District 12, along with the other 11 outlying districts, to venture to the unfair and substandard Capitol. While there, the 24 tributes will be held against their will to compete in a nationally televised event called the Hunger Games.

Suzanne Collins’ intricate conception of the Hunger Games is a twistedly entertaining death match that brings the last one standing not only glory to their name, but an end to their starvation, as well. The tributes from District 1 call it honor. Katniss calls it a place on death row. Now, Katniss and fellow tribute Peeta Mellark’s only chances of survival are Haymitch Abernathy, a drunken past victor of District 12, and the skills he somewhat teaches to remain one step ahead of their so-called enemies in the arena. Collins keeps the story alive when some of the choices Katniss makes become fatal, and, without thinking, Katniss just may have sparked the revolt the citizens of Panem have needed. Without a choice, she must cooperate with the Capitol if she is to ever return to the forgotten District 12.

Collins’ beautifully written narrative of Katniss’ thoughts and unexpectedly shocking plot turns weave together a perfect novel about love, sacrifice, and the rebellion found inside everyone. Spine-chilling and riveting, I couldn’t put it down. Every page has its own flare of twist. I would almost recommend this to anyone, especially to someone who enjoys a quick yet descriptive read. Every moment of The Hunger Games leaves you wondering to yourself, what would I do?

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