My Story by Rosa Parks with Jim Haskins

June 5, 2012
By Anonymous

My Story by Rosa Parks and Jim Haskins is an amazing book that brings readers further into Rosa Park’s life and the Civil Rights Movement. It first goes into Rosa Parks’ everyday lifestyle of being a farmer and the secretary of the NAACP, then takes a twist when one day her life changes. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white man simply because she was tired of giving in. She was arrested and fined a total of 14 dollars. From that point on other African Americans followed in her footsteps and refused to ride segregated buses. This book has a great strength in terms of plot and writing style. You are able to put yourself into Rosa’s shoes and feel how she was feeling. One weakness I found in the book is that it poorly describes outside characters. You are curious to find out how other people played a role in the movement. In the autobiography it discusses the life of Rosa Parks starting from her childhood to her death. The book describes the scene when she refused to get up for a white man and the boycott to follow it. The books themes are very relevant to today’s world because without Rosa Parks and her brave actions we might still be having segregation. Everyone should know the story of Rosa Parks and how she was dedicated for equal rights. All in all this was an excellent book that I truly enjoyed reading. I would absolutely recommend this book because you are able to put yourself into Rosa’s shoes and feel the intensity of the 1900s. Rosa Parks was a tremendous woman that had a strong heart that fought for what she believed in.

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