Sewer Rats by Sigmund Brouwer

June 5, 2012
By Christian Parenteau BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
Christian Parenteau BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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What would you do if you were in a draining tunnel and a rain storm was coming? Would you try to save your friends? Or would you run? This is a choice Jim faces in the book Sewer Rats. Sewer Rats is a book written by Sigmund Brouwer and published by Orca Book Publishers. The book is a constant on the edge action and some cliff hangers that will keep you reading and reading!

The book is very detailed and each character develops throughout the book. The upside is that the book is not a long drag and it doesn’t have a billion pages. But unfortunately since it is short, it doesn’t give you an extended thrill while reading it. The book’s characters do develop and is kind of like every other book. There is the nice kid, the normal kids, the jerk kid, and the “want- to-be” kid.

The characters differ in the book. The main characters are Mickey, Lisa, Carter, and Zantor/Jim, Al, Dave, and the Cooper twins. All of them together made up the Sewer Rats. That was their team name. They were given the name because all of their paintball wars were in the city’s drain tunnels. I think that the name was good, except I think that it is a really bad idea to play paintball in a city’s drainage system. This was the problem the characters faced as a rain storm happened and they were caught in the giant pipe maze.

The author of this book, Sigmund Brouwer, was born in 1959 in Canada. He has written many other books other than Sewer Rats. He has written 92 books and of the books he has written 10 different series. The only series he has written are kids’ books. His writes kids’ books, adult novels, and non-fiction. The only book I have read of Sigmund Brouwer is Sewer Rats and he did very well on that. I am sure that he did well on the other books.

Sewer Rats is a got-to-read book for all paintball fans and for those who have a feeling for thrill. This book is 6 out of 5 stars. That’s correct 6 out of 5. I really enjoyed this book and was surprised how quickly I finished it. Once you pick it up there is no putting it down. Sewer Rats is a book that you need to read!

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