The Athena Project by Brad Thor

June 4, 2012
By Anonymous

“We make war so that we may live in peace.” –Aristotle

Alex Cooper, Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson, and Megan Rhodes are members of the Athena Project, a group of women selected for their abilities by the government, with the idea that women can get into places where men cannot. They are expected to perform as far as their abilities allow them to. The four women are assigned to tasks that the government doesn’t want to assign the military to.

Vicki Suffolk and Ben Matthews are both using each other- Vicki to learn if there is a government building under the Denver International Airport, Ben to find a terrorist that he believes Vicki is aquatinted with. Ben knows that Vicki is using him, but Vicki doesn’t know that Ben is using her.

Jack Walsh is part of the government, working to figure out who has been using a model of Nazi-created technology to transport people and inanimate objects to other places.

As the story goes on, the race to figure out who is using the Nazi-created technology is becoming more important, as Jack Walsh, the Athena Project, and several others learn that whoever’s been using it has sent a bomb through it-only to lose it in the jungles of Paraguay, along with several other items that have been sent through.

Brad Thor creates an action filled novel combining science, reality, and mystery to create an interesting novel. I loved this novel, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys mystery novels with a lot of action.

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