Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

June 1, 2012
By Shorty7 BRONZE, Lincoln, California
Shorty7 BRONZE, Lincoln, California
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Beautiful Chaos

This is one of my personal favorites of fantasy. Not only does it incorporate witches and demons with the deep small town South, it teaches an important metaphor. The author winds so many conflicts together it all boils down to an 18 year olds decision in life.

The author includes a strong sense of good and evil in the series. Ethan’s girlfriend Lena, happens to control the fate of the world on her 18th birthday. She can either choose to be light or dark but she faces a dilemma. Obviously she wants to become light however doing so would cause her to lose Ethan and her whole family. Even if she does choose one, it’s not just a simple statement. The choice is made from within, deep down where no influence whatsoever can reach. But that’s just the internal conflict, meanwhile the devil and the queen of darkness team together to bring the end of the world.

This thrilling novel has adventure on every on every page and always keeps you interested. Sacrifice, adventure and science fiction are all twisted into this dramatic plot. If you have enjoyed Night World and City of Bones I highly recommend this book.

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