Leviathan by Scott Westerfield

June 1, 2012
“Would you do something you love if it was illegal?” “Would you risk you and your friend’s life to do what is right?” These are the problems that the main characters Aleksander and Deryn are faced with in this inquisitive and informative novel based off World War 1.

Deryn Sharp, a 13 year old girl from Great Britain, wishes to go into the air force for she had always loved flying. Disguised as a boy, Dillon (Deryn) Sharp goes I to the military as a middy. Meanwhile, Aleksander Hohenburg is heir to the throne of Austria. His parent’s dead, Aleksander kidnapped by his father’s visors and brought on a life, threatening adventure to preserve his life. Will these two people fighting for their rights meet up?

What Aleksander and Deryn is doing is right. But sometimes doing what is right carries risks. If Deryn is found a girl, she could be executed for entering the military as a woman. However, if Aleksander is captured by British troops, there is no doubt that him, being son of Archduke Fernando Hohenburg, would be killed by the same man who killed his father. While the men helping Aleksander would never be able to return to their high ranking positions in the government and would surely be killed. Is it really worth it?

With this threat hanging over the heads of our main characters, how long can they keep up the lies? To neither, failure is not an option. And is The war going to have a bigger impact on their lives than they ever thought it could?

I think it is a great read. It kept me pondering the whole three books. If you enjoyed The Uglies by Scott Westerfeild, then you are almost sure to enjoy this book for it is the same author. It combines real life events along with elements of a steampunk fantasy to keep you entertained along with curious of what will happen next. I suggest it to anybody who is looking for a good book. Three thumbs up!

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