Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

June 1, 2012
By sumsneakyasian BRONZE, Lincoln, California
sumsneakyasian BRONZE, Lincoln, California
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Lock and Key is about Ruby, the daughter of an alcoholic, who just skipped town. Ruby’s older sister, Cora, had left a few years before for college. Ruby attempts living on her own, but when the unsafe conditions of her home come to the attention of others, she is sent to live with her sister. By this time Cora had gotten married to Jamie, the fun and quirky owner of a social network that everyone uses. Ruby finds it hard to believe that her sister had married this multi-millionaire man. Jamie and Cora decide to send Ruby to a nice school across town from her old one. Ruby is confident she won’t fit in with these high end kids. Later on she meets Nate, a popular boy who lives just behind her. As Nate and Ruby become closer, Ruby realizes that Nate's life isn't perfect. For the first time, Ruby experiences helping other's through their problems, and she learns that life isn't a bad place when you have the right people.

Although readers may not relate exactly to Ruby's scenario, they can relate to the feelings she has. The characters in the story are people that you could find in your own life. Sarah Dessen shows that everyone has their own problems, no matter who they are, but with people that care about you, they can be resolved.

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