He Saved Me by unknown

June 1, 2012
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The book He Saved Me is a heart-wrenching story about love, mystery, suspense and horror that will pull you in. It’s a passionate story that shows readers and teens how dangerous and unexpected life can be. It is about the lives of two teenagers that were friends as kids, grew apart but are secretly in love.
The school ‘Bad Boy’ of Brook County High School, Bobby Slade wasn’t really a bad boy or at least not to Isobel Davis. One night Isobel, a 17 year old normal teenager went to the library to study with her best friend Alice for their exam when Isobel’s dad was late to pick her up. She knew it was dangerous to walk but her dad was not answering his phone. She knew the only way to get home was to walk. She had hated those girls from the horror movies that looked back and fall even when knowing something bad is behind them and little did she know she would be one of those girls. She was too lost in her thoughts of what could happen that the nightmare that would not only change her relationship with Bobby Slade but also affect her entire life along with his.
If you had a huge decision that would affect your life and the life of an unborn child that was caused by a mistake that should’ve never happened, would you keep the baby and raise it with the boy that had saved you and are deeply in love with or would you give the baby up for adoption? This is a huge decision that Isobel has to make.

I personally enjoyed every page of this book and could not put it down. The author uses perfect details, suspense, and imagery in this story. I could see everything that I read as it passed through my mind like a movie. This book is unpublished and is written by a normal person that may not be famous but proves that anyone can write. I loved this book and recommend it to anyone that enjoys books that contain mystery, horror, suspense, passion, and love. It is a tear-jerker and will keep you interested.

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