Rash. by Pete Hautman

June 1, 2012
Have you ever enjoyed a frazzie just before your big game? Have you ever dreamed about the future and what it would hold? What if I told you, you were really having a nightmare? In the book Rash, written by Pete Hautman, he gives you the best of both worlds. In this book the author does a good job of keeping clear of bias information while still persuading the readers through Bo’s experiences. This book is filled with satirical language.

In the book as I said Bo’s experiences show the reader how the future although is filled with new technology, is not how humans should live. Bo has a temper that runs in the family and gets himself trouble very quickly. What he does not understand is the consequences of his actions, so as he throws a single punch that merely grazed another and is sentenced to Three years on a work farm. Bo thinks this is the end and has to serve his time but a little friend of his has an ace up his sleeve
The conflict of the story could be found in many places in the book, it could first be found in the first four pages! There are also smaller conflicts that don’t play any parts with the climax of the book. One example of this would be found right next to Bo’s girlfriend, Maddy. Maddy has a relationship with another boy that Bo can’t stand and doesn’t want her to be with at all. The climax of the story would be when Bo’s friend starts communicating with him illegally though his WindO.
This book is excellent. It is exactly what a reader that is curious about the future should read. It is also a book where the characters are introduced so vividly it makes them seem like you know them and you can relate to them. It holds contexts from action, to love between characters. In one part of the book Bo has to get the football that flew over the fence during a practice. He then finds himself face to face with a 1,500 pound monstrous beast.
I would recommend this book to anyone I know due to the wide variety of contexts. I don’t know anyone that cannot relate to these characters. I do think this story is geared towards guys because the plot, but that is only one of the reasons there are many more reasons to love this book. This book is like no other. I can truly say it is an amazing place to be when you nose is buried in the book.

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