If I Was Your Boyfriend by Earl Sewell

June 1, 2012
Do you enjoy reading series? Do you like realistic fiction? If you do that’s great & if not that’s great too? This book is the 2nd book in the Keysha Series by Earl Sewell. Keysha is a girl who lives in the “ghetto” and suddenly has a crisis. In the 1st book Keysha’s mom ends up getting arrested and Keysha is forced to live in a girl’s shelter and leave everything she had behind. Later Keysha finds out who her biological father is and moves in with him. Keysha’s father is a big owner of the biggest hip hop radio station in the town. In this book, Keysha has to get used to life now living with a father, step-brother, and step-mom. Also she’ll have to decide if she’s ready to have a special someone in her life. In this book, Keysha’s so called friend plants drugs on Keysha & Keysha ends up getting caught with them.

“One paramedic closed the cab door and the other rushed to the front of the vehicle and took off with the sirens wailing. Standing in the middle of the street. I felt helpless. Totally upset. My heart pounding so hard I thought bombs were exploding in my chest. I was about to cry but I didn’t want to break down in the middle of the street... I felt so bad and so useless. There was nothing more I could do so I began to head back home.” Keysha said. (Pg. 168) This quote was so graphic for me. This is the reason I loved this book. It used a bunch of descriptive words.

Being that this is the second book in the series; the author introduced a new character to us readers of the series. This character’s name is Wesley Morris. At the beginning of the book Wesley was in jail. Wesley was in jail for driving a stolen car. The only problem with that was that the car wasn’t stolen, Wesley’s mom was fully aware that he took the car, but she was drunk at the time and ended up blowing the whole situation out of proportion. After a while of being locked up, Wesley got out and returned to high school. Before going to jail, Wesley had a history with alcohol, girls and drugs. Now back in school, Wesley has to tell all of his friends that he’s a changed man. “That’s not who I am anymore. I’m sorry.... I’m not going down that road again” Wesley tells a friend upon arrival back to school. (Pg.110-111) Wesley also has a certain thing for Keysha. Wesley was true to his word and didn’t go back to his old self. Now Wesley studies a lot and lives with his dad. Soon things may change though because Wesley is now in a family crisis. Will he turn back to his old ways? Wesley has went from an alcoholic to a boy who studies a lot and wants to treat a girl the right way.

If this sounds intresting to you then you definitely should read this book because this book is filled with lots of drama & life lessons. I would give this book 10 out of 10 stars. Definitely a good read.

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