Rash. by Pete Hautman

May 31, 2012
Have you ever wanted to know what the future was like? Well, now you can! Here is your glimpse into the future, where you find out football is illegal, walking down the road without a helmet is unsafe, and owning any kind of alcohol is illegal. Come discover a whole new world of its own with the book Rash by Pete Hautman.
The main character, Bo, is a sixteen year old boy, who just can't get a hold of the rules in his hometown. He has a choice, fight for his rights or follow other peoples ridiculous rules. Which will he make?
Bo finds himself in a sticky situation with a group of hard core guys named "The Gold Shirts." He also meets the "big boss" Hammer, who has the strictest attitude and a cruel sense of humor. Will Bo become one of the Gold Shirts? Will the brutal work farm ,the 3-8-7, that Hammer rules take Bo's life?
If you-re into suspenseful games, then this is the top book for you! Hautman grouped these short chapters so well that it is a great, quick read. The book not only flows easily, but keeps you intrigued with every page.

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