spindle's end by robin mckinley

May 31, 2012
By pennylove BRONZE, Narnia, California
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Spindle's End

We've all heard the tale of Sleeping Beauty, being a damsel in distress. Spindle's End keeps about the same story line but when you read it you will discover a completely new Sleeping Beauty fairytale. The king and queen had longed for a child and finally they have a girl, they were so excited that they had a name-day event in the spirit of the little girl. Twenty-one fairies were invited, but Pernicia, and evil fairy, cursed the newborn princess claiming that she will die by pricking her fingers on a spindle and fall into a poisoned sleep which no one would be able to rouse her.

The country is engulfed in thick magic. When the queen gets her piece of magic, her baby girl, the king and queen invite a representative of every village in the country to the princess' name day. From every village a person gets elected randomly by choosing enchanted straws. From Foggy Bottom Katriona wins the chance to go. Katriona lives with her Aunt, the most powerful fairy in her village, but she is fully convinced that she is not a fairy. At the celebration she is encountered by a strange man who gives her a powerful amulet and when Pernicia arrives uninvited and cast a deadly spell on the princess, only Katriona has the strength to move and protect the baby. Sigil, the queen's personal fairy, gives Katriona the responsibility to care and protect the little princess until it's safe for her to return. Katriona flees with the baby and heads home and brings a new life, but how long will she be able to keep the princess' true identity a secret.

The princess has been stolen from her real life and disguised to live a normal life instead of one of being royalty. Katriona and her Aunt raise the young princess, Rosie, as their own child. Rosie doesn't think she is pretty, but she is strong and confident. She can slay her own dragon instead of being a damsel in distress and having a prince save her. Love of family helps them unite against evil. As Rosie is growing up as a normal person, Katriona and her Aunt know Rosie's real fate that lies ahead.

Spindle's End gets you enchanted, as it slowly draws you in. Layer after layer is added to lavish this fairy tale with twists to add complexity, confusion, and suspense to make you wonder how on earth it can all end in a happily ever after. All the elements including fairy godmothers, the curse, the spinning wheel, the castle surrounded by thorns, the wakening kiss have an unexpected twist and shadowed upon our eyes the unpredictable ending bestowed on Rosie.

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Hannabug GOLD said...
on Sep. 11 2012 at 8:37 pm
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Sounds like a good story :)

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