Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley

May 31, 2012
By Lauren Edwards BRONZE, Lincoln, California
Lauren Edwards BRONZE, Lincoln, California
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Everyone’s heard the story of Sleeping Beauty; a princes is cursed, she hides until she’s 16, she pricks her finger, leading both her kingdom and her sleep, awoken by her true love’s kiss… But in Spindle’s End, the entire story is twisted. This makes an entirely new story, making it in my opinion twice as good.

Rosie, the protagonist, would have been a horrible princess—if on her naming day, she hadn’t been taken away by Katriona. She’s blessed with curly golden hair, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks; but even so, she doesn’t fit the princess personality. She’s strong, rebellious, and easy-going. Pernicia casts a curse on Rosie—saying that instead of just falling asleep when she turns 21, the curse can come true anytime within 21 years… Making it that much more nerve-wracking. However, it takes Pernicia longer than she would have thought to find Rosie, so you can watch Rosie grow up and develop her own personality—a mix between princess and tomboy. It’s hilarious in the book, because there are many instances when the gifts the fairies bestowed upon her (her ‘princess’ personality) go against the natural Rosie.

If you like strong, women protagonists, you’ll love this book. Rosie; a troublesome, rebellious, tomboy, needs to find a way to make Pernicia stop hunting her and protect everyone she loves. The book is a common fairy tale, but with huge twists. Instead of being a damsel in distress, Rosie needs to find her own way and fight Pernicia by herself—protecting her family, the royal family, and all of the citizens who have no idea what’s happening… Can Rosie, at the end, gain the strength and courage to fight Pernicia?

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